Volunteer Descriptions

Band Table:  This is one of most lucrative fundraisers for the organization.  The band table is set up at all home football games to sell popcorn, candy, dirt, etc...

Volunteers are need to help run the table during the game as well as to help provide baked goods (especially dirt !!!) to sell at the table.

Dirt Recipe

Chaperone:  Chaperones are needed for bus trips to away football games as well as competitions. 

Pit Crew: Volunteers are needed to help load and unload band equipment for  home football games and competitions. 
The rental truck is loaded and unloaded at the high school for competitions.  A trailer is used for home games and is loaded prior to the game and after half-time. 
Additional help may be required to move equipment on and off the field at competitions and home games.

Fundraising Chairperson: Do you know of a good fundraiser the band could run?  Let us know about the opportunity and if you are interested in being the chairperson for that fundraiser.

Uniform Committee: Assist the uniform chairperson in uniform fittings during band camp and insure uniforms are returned and stored at the end of the season.

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