Since 2011, the school district has stopped funding the competitive Marching Band program. Consequently, the boosters have been the primary source of funding.  This includes everything from bus and truck transportation, music scores, uniforms, equipment and supplemental support for events such as the picnic and banquet.

To encourage fundraising and raise funds to cover these expenses, a $50 fundraising minimum or buyout was instituted last year.  Each student is required to fundraise at least $50 in profit.  To help students reach the $50 minimum, the first 3 fundraisers are designated as 100% profit split to the students, rather than the normal 50/50 split.  All fundraising profits will be deposited in the student account.  Each student account will be debited $50 and transferred to the band general fund account.  If there is less than $50 in the student account, the student is responsible for paying the difference.

These funds will help cover the current year's expenses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the officers.

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